IDS České Budějovice 12. 10. 2019

judge: Jindrichovska Jarmila (CZ)

Arwen Tia Vrbovecké stráně (champion cl.) - 🏆 Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB and BIG IV. 🏆

and siblings, Arwen´s progeny:Active Flavour Ceresna Lipov (young cl.) - Exc.1, CAJC, BOJ ⭐️Always in Motion Ceresna Lipov (working cl.) - Exc.1, CAC ⭐️andAgainst All Odds Ceresna Lipov "John"...

Another great news! ⭐️

Art of Life Čerešňa Lipov "Archie" (D: Arwen Tia Vrbovecké stráně, S: Caci´s Dark Chocolate of Love) today on October 6, 2019 excellent passed Club autumn exams in Paseca, I. price with 207 pts. Many congratulations to Martina Švábová and thanks for the care and hunting training.

Retriever Club Show KCHLS 5. 10. 2019 Praha, Džbán

Judge: Sussane Höger (AT)

"Kimi" Always Happy Čerešňa Lipov (junior cl.) - Exc. 1, CAJC, BOJ and BIS Junior ! 🏆
Arwen´ s son Kimi was first time in the show ring, he is very, really very temperament. Big congratulations to the owner Tomáš a Karel Kypěna and big thanks for care....

Warmly congratulation and thanks for your care and love Małgorzata Kosek 💙Arwen´s and Lucky´s son "Beryl" Answer to Everything Čerešňa Lipov is Polish Junior Champion ! 💙 I' m so happy and proud with you !

Arwen poprvé se svojí dcerou Motion na kachnách 21. 9. 2019💜 Nádherný den ! A to i s Briou ((9,5 let), maminkou Arwenky a babičkou Motion. 3 generace pracují zároveň na hluboké vodě. 💜

Duck hunting 21. 9. 2019 - Arwen first time with her daughter Motion 💜 What a beautiful day ! And with Arwen´s mother, Motion´s grandmother Bria (9,5 y.). ...

Další skvělá zpráva !
Another great news!

"Aura" Authentic Love Čerešňa Lipov
D: Arwen Tia Vrbovecké stráně
S: Caci´s Dark Chocolate of Love

Beryl "Answer to Everything Čerešňa Lipov"
D: Arwen Tia Vrbovecké stráně
S: Caci´s Dark Chocolate of Love