Club show RK CZ 5. 7. 2019 Kelč


judge for FCR: Hans Rosenberg (SWE)

Arwen Tia Vrbovecké stráně - Exc. 1, CAC, CC (winner cl.) 
Active Flavour Čerešňa Lipov - Exc. 2 (junior cl.)
Always in Motion Čerešňa Lipov - VG 3 (junior cl.)

Art of Life Čerešňa Lipov - VG1 (junior cl.)
All I need is Love Čerešňa Lipov - G5 (junior cl.)

judge for LR: Karl-Erik Johansson (SWE)

Celeste Gray Čerešňa Lipov - Exc. 4 (intermediate cl.)
Besi Čerešňa Lipov - Exc. 5 (open cl.)

Arwen is in top show condition, but for example Flavour has close up a very poor brownish summer coat. So ... not the best results for us, but a beautiful day with our FCR 🐩🐩🐩 and friends. Congratulations to all, who received the "excellent", because there were really very few of them. Congratulations to all winners. We are looking forward to the next show.




Art of Life Čerešňa Lipov "Archie"

All I need is Love Čerešňa Lipov  "Art"

Celeste Gray Čerešňa Lipov "Réza"