Best FCR 2019 - competition Retriever club CZ


I thought that year 2019 was a year when we rarely participate in canine events due to other professional duties. However, this year 2020 does not look any different due to the pandemic situation. Nevertheless, I traditionally entered Arwen and this year first time her and Lucky´s children in the year-round competition of the Retriver Club CZ and I think that they nicely represent this wonderful breed in hunting work or shows.

Best female FCR 2019:
Arwen Tia Vrbovecké stráně - 5th place
Always in Motion Čerešňa Lipov - 7th place
Active Flavour Čerešňa Lipov - 8th place

Best male FCR 2019:
Art of Life Čerešňa Lipov - 3rd place, owner Martina Švábová

I don't know why, but Arwen´s daughter Authentic Love Čerešňa Lipov (owner Petr Kotásek) and Arwen´s son Always Happy Čerešňa Lipov (owner Tomáš Kypěna) are not in the results list. But what I want to say is that they also beautifully present this amazing breed in work or shows too. And I thank them very much for that.

Congratulations to the wonderful 1st place Best male FCR 2019 to the father of these children - Caci´s Dark Chocolate of Love with owner Alžběta Vrublová.

Congratulations to all the winners!