Arwen - res. BIS, Flavour - BIS JUNIOR - Retriever Club Show Horka n. M.


Club Retriever Show Horka n/M.
judge breeder specialist Kirsi Nieminen /FIN/

🧡Arwen Tia Vrbovecké stráně - V1, CAC, CC, Winner of Horka, BOB, res. BIS !!! 🏆(final judges K. Nieminen, K. Heiskanen, H. Jokisilta)

and her daughters
❤️Active Flavour Čerešňa Lipov - V1, CAJC, BOJ, BIS Junior !!! (final judge K. Heiskanen /FIN/) 🏆

💛 Authentic Love Čerešňa Lipov - V4 ⭐️

What a successful day ! Thank you judges for beautiful lovely and really thorough words about our girls. I´m proud of all. Arwen was fully enjoying her time in the ring. Flavour was so cute and happy. Thank you friends for a nice time.

Congratulations to all exhibitors !