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Here you can find all information about our flat coated retriever Arwen´s and Chris´s  puppies in English. You are welcome ! 

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We plan every litter very long and responsibly. When choosing a stud dog we place high demands on his quality, especially health (not only the health of the stud dog, but also his ancestors in pedigree line), a low inbreeding coefficient (for more than 5 generations), that the pedigree of the stud dog was as much as possible in harmony with the pedigree of our bitch, furthermore, the natural talents to work with so important "will to please", balanced beautiful exterior, a wonderful, cheerful, nice and non-conflicting nature.

After a careful search we decided to mate with the Italian dog Chris, who respects Arwen in all best complements. Coefficient of inbreeding (COI) of puppies is 1.2% (for more than 5 generations).

Arwen Tia Vrbovecké stráně  (Czech republic) ♥️
Diamante Blu Occamy "Chris" (Italy) 



HD A/A, ED 0/0, PL 0/0
eyes clear, goniodysplasia free
color B/B, scissor bite, full teeth
Renal dysplasia - clear, no carrier

All purpose hunting bitch "U"

actively used in hunting
Czech working champion in hunting
Derby Winner Kokory 2019


C.I.B., C.I.E., JCHCZ, JCHSK, JCHAT, CH ČMKU, CZ CH, SK CH, AT CH, PL CH, HU CH, GrandCH CZ, GrandCH SK, BIS, res. BIS, BIS working dog, BOD, BIG I., II., III., IV., V., BOB, BOS, CACIB, National Winner, Special Show Winner, Club Show Winner, Regional Winner, BIS Junior, Junior BIG I., III., BOJ, Junior Club Winner, BIS puppy, BOB puppy and much more ...


HD A/A, ED 0/0, PL 0/0 
eyes clear, goniodysplasia free
color B/B, scissor bite, full teeth
Renal dysplasia - clear, no carrier
(after parentage)

owner and breeder
Dolores Genco
kennel Diamante Blu

in training


Italian champion

Arwen is our first female flat coated retriever, which surpassed all possible ideas about the nature of this breed, the results of active showing and hunting work.

Arwen is absolutely healthy, beautiful exterior and actively hunting bitch. She is five years old. She is one of the most successful flat coated retrievers in the Czech Republic. Her strengths are a beautiful head and expression, a dark eye and well-fitting eyelids, deep chest, excellent forechest, straight and firm topline, excellent and well set neck, firm round paws, correct bone and angulation, excellent tail and tailset, excellent coat quality and stylish movement. Arwen has an inbreeding coefficient COI 0.8 %. Arwen is from seven siblings, her parents are actively hunting bitch Fabria Beauty from Czech (born March 11, 2010) and show very successful, also hunting dog Flamboyant Rumpus Oasis of Peace (born January 16, 2010). Bria, as the owner tells her Arwen´s mother, is still actively hunting at the age of 10 years old. She has excellent health at his age. Her health results are HD A/A, ED 0/0 and she has the right scissor bite. Bria is a universale hunting dog "U", which means that she successfully passed the highest hunting test in the Czech Republic. Bria's father is a beautiful dog Whizzbang's Highway to Hell "called Teddy", which was imported to the Czech Republic from Denmark. Teddy lived almost 13 years (June 30, 2007 - January 12, 2020). He became a champion of many countries, also an international champion, and won excellent places at the World Dog Show. Teddy was also hunting dog, he successfully passed Club test deep water work. Bria's mother is female Abe z Vlčí stepy, which was also actively hunting. Her father is a beautiful dog, who was imported to the Czech Republic from Denmark, Black Amandas Jolly Good Fellow, and who was also hunting dog. Rumpus, as the owners call Arwen´s father, is the Czech champion. Rumpus is also hunting dog, he passed Club test deep water work. He is actively used in hunting practice. His health results are HD A/A, ED 0/0, PL 0/0, eyes clear including goniodysplasia. Rumpus is the son of a Swedish female imported to the Czech Republic O'Flanagan Hur Mås Det (born October 20, 2007), she is at the age of 12.5 years healthy, and a beautiful English dog Gayplume Flamboyant at Suchanoich, he made working tests and who died at almost 11.5 years. Arwen pedigree is an interesting combination of Scandinavian and British lines.

The Arwen´s nature is "beautiful". Artless, faithful, totally committed to the owner, cheerful, non-conflicting. A relationship with a owner means much more to her than a relationship with other dogs. Arwen is very obedient. She shows her temperament where she needs it most - in hunting practice. She works passionately with a relentless desire to go into the field and do the best of it. It's best if you meet her yourself.

Arwen began soon to get the top show-judging. She started her show success with "BIS Puppy" at the retriever club show in summer 2015. Since then she got many times Best of breed "BOB" at club and international shows, further Best of Opposite Sex "BOS", Best of Junior "BOJ" and "CACIB", then the title "Club Winner", "Special Show Winner", "Regional Winner ". Arwen got the highest possible show award, it is the title Best in show ("BIS") and is also a several times the second best dog of the whole show res. BIS. She became several times the best working dog of the show (BIS working dog). She is winner of VIII. FCI group, became BOD at national dog show. She is the junior champion in three countries, the beauty champion (adult) of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Austria, and also the grand champion of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Already at the age of 3 she became the international title C.I.B. and C.I.E. At the age of two she won the prestigious award Best Female Flat Coated Retriever 2016 for both Czech Retriever Clubs (KCHLS and Retriever Club CZ), Best Dual Purpose FCR 2016 (show and working). At the age of three she was awarded the Best Retriever of the Year 2017 in the Czech Republic (of all breeds of Retrievers), Best Dual Purpose FCR 2017, Working bitch FCR 2017, Show bitch FCR 2017 (KCHLS), Best FCR female 2017 (Retriever club CZ), also became Dog of the Year 2017 (CMKJ) for breed FCR. Her show results show the highest quality of her exterior.

"Beautiful female with a fantastic outline, most beautiful head and expression, lovely eyes, excellent neck, super front, lovely bone, good feet, excellent substance, the best of toplines, perfect tail and tailset, super backend, moves with drive and style, lovely coat, well presented in tiptop condition, a joy to see her moving and standing" judge Henric Fryckstrand

Arwen is a bitch used every year in hunting practice. Her independent and reliable work on ducks is fabulous. Arwen is fully used for searching, tracing and retrieving game. Arwen is also successful in hunting tests, she successfully passed several hunting tests, usually in the 1st price (from Basic tests called OVVR, through the Club test field work called KPZ, Club test deep water work called KZVP, and Club test forest work called KLZ), even the highest hunting test called KVZPR ("Club all purpose test"). She holds the title "U", she is a all purpose hunting dog. In 2019 she became the Winner of Derby Kokory (KPZ and KZVP) and she became as one of the few in the Czech Republic the titel Czech working champion for hunt.

Chris is absolutely healthy and very beautiful three-year-old dog, whose advantages are amazing temperament, natural elegance, rich coat of excellent quality, which fits beautifully to the body, has really correct scissor bite (has a scissor bite confirmation), nice head and expression, correctly fitting eyelids, correct long neck, deep chest, correct loin length, straight topline and tight paws. The total substance of his body is very strong. Chris has an inbreeding coefficient COI 2.9%. Chris is of six siblings, a dog born and living in Italy, his owner and breeder is Dolores Genco (kennel Diamante Blu) as well as his parents. Chris´s father is absolutely breathtaking dog Diamante Blu Imperio (born 26th November 2011), which I could see personally before mating. Imperia's health results are HD A/A, ED 0/0, PL 0/0, eyes clear including goniodysplasia, correct scissor bite, negative examination for renal dysplasia (he is healthy, not a carrier). Imperio is Italian champion and Finnish champion, in 2014 he won first place in his class at the prestigious Crufts show, in 2018 he won third place in his class at the prestigious Crufts 2018 show. From this side of the pedigree line were also exterior of high quality Chris's grandparents, dog Dakotaspirit Kippari and female Dakotaspirit Albachiara. Chris's mother is Royal Silk Chocolate Creme Brulè (born June 8, 2010), I could also see his mother personally and meet so both Chris's parents and see that they are in excellent health condition at their veteran age. Thanks to Flicka, as the owner says to Chris's mother, Chris has a liver gene and some Arwen´s and Chris´s puppies will have a liver gene too. Flicka´s health results are HD B/B, ED 0/0, PL 0/0, eyes clear including goniodysplasia, has correct scissor bite, negative examination for renal dysplasia (she is healthy, not a carrier). Chris's grandfather, Almanza's Nothing Less Than Success is a Swedish blood and was a certified rescue dog at sea, died at an early age of nearly 12 years. Chris's grandmother on her mother's side is an Italian female Royal Silk Bag of Tricks. If you look at Chris's pedigree, you will find that Italian, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish blood are mixed in his pedigree line, many individuals are champions of several countries or international champions, as well as individuals with the European Winner or World Winner.

We believe that Chris´s and Arwen´s puppies will benefit for breeding. We expect healthy, black puppies with the best character, work and exterior qualities.

Puppies´s pedigree